Why is Paint Peeling Off Drywall?

peeling paint

You can lose a lot of hair watching paint peel off your drywall. We’re here to stop your accelerated balding and give you some tips on preventing your paint from flaking loose.  Paint will peel off dry drywall if the surface wasn’t properly prepared, cheap paint was used, or there was an incompatibility between the paint and primer, or the …

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Why is My Paint Sticky or Tacky and How to Fix It

Sticky or tacky Paint

You’ve spent long and hard hours painting that room – and you love the color! But after a week, you find the paint is still sticky and tacky, and you’re wondering, how do I fix this?   We’ve got you covered. If you haven’t started painting yet, we will offer some tips to avoid sticky paint. If you’re currently experiencing this issue, we’re sorry, …

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Are Plantation Shutters Worth It?

DIY Plantation Shutters

Are you looking to upgrade those ancient blinds? In this article, we are going to answer the question, are plantation shutters worth it? Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your home or save on energy costs, plantation shutters have something to offer. Overall, plantation shutters are worth the investment. Plantation shutters are a quality window treatment and have several advantages …

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Do I Need To Seal Tile Grout In My Shower?

Many people do not realize that grout is a very porous material. It will absorb any liquid that comes in contact with the surface. With the kitchen backsplash, you may be able to get away without sealing your grout. But do you need to seal tile grout in the shower? The grout in your shower should always be sealed; this …

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The Best Location for the Thermostat In A Two-Story House?

Thermostat on the wall

You may have had the thought cross your mind wondering if your thermostat is in the right spot in your house. Some areas of your house might be cooler than other areas of your house. Maybe wondering if there is a right or wrong spot. Some places will benefit you and your energy bill. So, what is the best location for …

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Where Should I Put a Chicken Coop in My Backyard?

chicken coop in backyard

Finding a great place for your chicken coop takes some work but for the most part, it is not as hard as you would think. Yes, choosing and building a house for your chicken is the key to their happiness, safety, and health but with a little guidance, you will be enjoying your new chickens in no time. So where …

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